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- Masuda Toshiki’s (Kisaragi Koi) “Me-lo-dy” performance for opening.

- Aoi Shouta’s (Minaduki Rui) “Rainy moment” performance right after the live drama where near at the end of the drama, it was quite emotional as it involved Rui’s confessions all the way and it directly ‘connects’ to “Rainy moment” performance so that it adds more feels into it. ;w; 

- All the casts show up!

- Farewell time~ Aoi Shouta initiate a handshake at Masuda Toshiki xD

Nagisa’s parents: Will my kid be okay? 心配だよ
Rei’s parents: Wow! Look that’s rei! あらまあ、かっこいい ! Where? Where is he?

Mako’s parent: Where will the wedding reception take place? I can’t wait seeing my son wearing tuxedo! ねえハルちゃんの親さんたち?
Haru’s parent: Oh my, how about at *****? I also can’t wait to see my precious son wearing A WEDDING DRESS! 楽しみだよ、きっとにあう!

Just explaining my head :’v

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